Top Programs:  Business owners and educators who have, as a result of building a truly expansive program, proven masterful in reaching large numbers of families with the Kindermusik experience. Top Programs are selected by Kindermusik International.  Top Programs represent the top performing Kindermusik studios worldwide, based on the number of families reached. There are two levels of Top Programs: Conductor’s Circle and Mezzanine Level. 


I'm SO thankful to celebrate a Top Program Mezzanine Level status since 2012,


AND...MY 2nd year in the 2019 Conductor's Circle!

That's in the top 1% of over 5000 Kindermusik programs worldwide!

 A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of the loyal Kindermusik families and friends who've helped make this possible over the years.  I could NOT have done it without you ALL!



The age recommendations outlined for Kindermusik classes have been carefully constructed to best group children in an age and developmentally appropriate way. Therefore, it is important that your child be at least the minimum age by the start of the class in which you are enrolling.  If you have concerns about your child’s success in a particular age range, I am happy to discuss your child’s needs and to work with you to place your child in the class best suited for him or her.